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Ka D'argo

Luxan warrior Ka D'argo, from my favorite TV show, Farscape.
I started with an Ultimate Soldier "Tank Commander" figure, foisted on me by a friend who had no use for it.  The reason is that he prefers Dragon and Blue Box figures, which are even more articulated than the US line.  Also, the good commander's face had been sculpted to accommodate a removable cigar.  One cheek was further out than the other, and there was a hole in the side of his mouth.  Worst of all, he didn't look like any actor!
Or did he??  Looking over pics I had of Anthony Simcoe out of makeup, I had a "By George...!" moment.  The features were similar enough for a start.  I sanded down the bulge in his right cheek and filled in the mouth hole with Magic Sculpt, shaping lips to match the left side.  From there it was just a matter of playing makeup artist.  Again using Magic Sculpt, I sculpted the "prosthetics" to make him into D'argo.

The body was donated by Sideshow Toys "Kanamit" from their Twilight Zone collection.  Although the figure is lovely, I needed a much taller figure for D'argo than a typical 1/6 doll, so off went its head.  After all, with makeup and lifts, Mr. Simcoe is about 7 feet tall.
The robe was a fairly simple sewing job from a maroon T-shirt.  In fact, I used the T-shirt's original hems to save time.  >:-D
The Qualta Blade was handmade from wood and Sculpey.  I would've preferred converting something, but swords are difficult to come by, alas.

If the D'argo pics below look different than the ones above, that's because this is a different D'argo.  Toldja these are one of a kind!  Although I admit that the braids on the original were better, as well as being more to scale, I did manage to resolve the problem of making those tentacles of his.  I happened upon a plastic squid at an aquarium giftshop and realized that its tentacles were the perfect size for another D'argo.  To attach them, all I had to do was pin them at both ends, then finesse the seams.  So unlike the original made for Anthony Simcoe, these tentacles can actually be moved around without worrying about them breaking off.

Lovely Luxan

The tentacles were another matter.  D'argo has 5 total (that we know of!) not counting his elongated chin.  My goal was to make the tentacles flexible enough to allow for head movement.  A friend suggested, of all things, rubber fish lures.  I tried that, buying wiggly lures that pretty much looked like little tentacles.  Problem:  painting them.  Rubber does NOT like to be painted.  Special effects houses use silicon paints for rubbers and foams, but at the time, I'd forgotten this.  Plus, I don't know where to get silicon paints.  Solution?  The thinnest vinyl I could find at the fabric stores, painted D'argo Flesh, then rolled and glued into the tightest tentacles I could make.
I'd made stop points in the clay for attaching the tentacles.  Trouble was, I couldn't attach most of them until I'd attached his hair.  That was made of dyed mohair.  D'argo also has 4 braids down his front, so I had to make those out of the mohair.  Keep in mind that to-scale doll hair is extremely fine and pulls apart easily, so it was a careful process.

The two side-by-side "D'argo's Back" pics are from two different dolls.
Current Status of D'ollgo #1: residing in Stately Simcoe Manor!
Below are some in-progress shots of both versions.

"I want my own D'argo!"
A 12" Ka D'argo as seen here would cost $300.  I can't make a cast of the head, so it needs to be customized each time.

Farscape and Ka Dargo owned by The Henson Company

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