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The robe was hand-sewn, including the ribbing in the front (what fun!).  I try to make outfits removable if possible, but poor Zhaan was sewn in tight here.

Current Status: residing in Stately Hey Manor!

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan of the best TV show ever made, Farscape, began as Sideshow Toys' generic "Art S. Buck" female figure.  Sculpting?  Not this time.  Funny thing I learned about Zhaan's makeup: it changed from episode to episode!  Maybe even scene to scene.  In small, but noticeable ways when trying to work out the paint job.  Eventually I settled on a hybrid of the elements I liked best.
If I make another Zhaan (since this one is earmarked for Virginia Hey, although she doesn't know it yet >:-D ), I would use Magic Sculpt to embellish the face to resemble Ms. Hey's, and then paint.  She has a rather exotic look which the "Buck" sculptor took pains to avoid, since it's meant to be a generic artist's tool.
I admit that I chose her gold/blue outfit (featured in such episodes as "Crackers Don't Matter") for two reasons:  one is that most of her outfits, like her body, are solid blue.  The gold added at least some contrast.  The second is that this outfit covers all body parts but her head and hands.
The gold pieces were made of clear plastic cut from toy packaging, then covered with gold bare metal foil and sculpted pieces for the decorations (try finding clear and complete images of those!).

"I want my own Zhaan!"
A Zhaan as seen here would cost $120.

Farscape and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan are owned by The Henson Company

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