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Faced with the decision whether to exactly duplicate the scaly look on the PVC pieces, I decided to just use the wrinkliest vinyl available at the fabric store.  While not precisely rounded scales, it has a nice, consistent pattern to it.  The black undergarment was handsewn from a semi-shiny material, with the ribbing handsewn, too.  The pants came from, believe it or not, the 12" Buffy figure that goes with the Gentlemen.  If it fits...

The shoulder pieces were made as removable so Scorpy could be transformed into... TA DA!  the Scorpius Clone, aka "Harvey," inside John Crichton's head.
For now, Harvey wears a pseudo Hawaiian shirt swiped from a Dragon figure.  I might reproduce the real shirt from the episode "Crackers Don't Matter," but since this is meant to be a gift for Wayne Pygram, time might not allow it.

UPDATE, 8/6/03- Back from Scapercon 2003, where I was able to present Mini Scorpy in person to Wayne Pyrgram. He approved. I managed to negotiate for free pictures with him (something they normally charge for at cons), and I think he took pictures with his own camera? Anyway, it was pleasing to be able to present him with his own Scorpy.

Not that I wouldn't make another, if an order were placed.

Half-Sebacean/half-Scarran genetic nightmare Scorpius of the best TV show ever made, Farscape.  A friend clued me in to the uncanny resemblance of one of the 12" "Gentlemen" figures (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to Scorpius.  Most dealers selling those figures sell them as a pack.  Gotta Buy Them All, plus Buffy.  Fortunately my local shop doesn't do that.  The figure has a big grin, which is too bad, but Scorpy has been known to smile evilly at times, so I accepted that.  Magic Sculp was used to create the scaly features under the eyes and stretchy cheek area.  The remaining sculpting of the head involved making the mask.
I decided, for fun (ha!), that I would make the spinning cooling rod thing on the side of his head.  Usually vinyl heads are hollow, but I learned that the Gentlemen heads are solid.  This was helpful.  This allowed to me to drill into the head as deeply as I needed to.  The cooling rod contraption was made of Sculpey, small aluminum tubes and a red neon dowel, all cut to size.  It doesn't spin out and stay in place like the one on the show, but can be pulled out.  Sometimes it falls out on its own (gulp!)
The costume is hands-down the most complicated I've worked on so far.  Chiana's is second, but distantly.  Scorpy's cooling suit is covered with detailing up the wazoo.

The scaly detailing along the edges of the vinyl pieces were all hand sculpted from Magic Sculp and Sculpey.  The "Gentleman's" fingers were a bit wrinkly, so Magic Sculp was used to flesh them out a bit, since Scorpy wears gloves.  M.S. again to make the pieces on top of the gloves.

Farscape, Scorpius, and John Crichton owned by The Henson Company

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