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Until then, I had no idea such fabric existed.  The skirt was made first of the metallic knit turned over, where it's white, and then covered with multiple layers of a nylon mesh.  Smith remarked that, while the dress was obscenely expensive, "God" is wearing orange, plastic flip-flops costing under $2.  My figure's orange-painted foam flipflops cost about the same.

This is the 2nd of my Kevin Smith dolls, this time of Alanis Morrisette as God, from his 4th film, Dogma.  My favorite of his films, as you might have guessed.  There was a fairly good reason for me not to include this in my gallery:  the likeness to Alanis Morrisette is not all that great.  After all, I'm trying to show folks how well I make character dolls.  I left it in for a few reasons, one of which is that I think I did a good job on recreating her costume from the film.  "God" had two, actually; the first was a lacy, droopy, "earthy" costume that accidentally got soiled, so she tore it off, revealing this shiny number underneath.  Per Smith, this ensemble cost about $30,000.  My version cost much less.
The doll began as 21st Century Toys' "Matilda" figure.  Because Matilda's face looked very little like Alanis', I ended up sanding off the features entirely and starting with (literally) a blank slate.  Armed with my usual Stalker Sheets, I set to work.  Alas, in spite of each individual feature matching its real-life counterpart, the whole is less than its parts.  By that I mean, comparing the doll with the photos, although the nose was just right, and the chin, the eyes, etc, for whatever reason, the likeness misses.
Still, I include this because the hair is pretty much spot on, as is the costume.  The material is a lovely, but expensive, metallic stretch knit.

Dogma owned by Kevin Smith and View Askew Productions.  Alanis Morissette and God are not owned by Kevin Smith.

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