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John Crichton

John Crichton, astronaut and scientist on the best TV show ever made, Farscape, began as a Dragon Toys Blue Angel pilot that already had an astounding resemblance to Ben Browder, who plays Crichton. All that I really needed to do was embellish the chin very slightly, and drill down the front part of the vinyl hair, then sculpt bangs and paint it a darker color. The eyes were also repainted.

The original doll came with sculpted gloves, necessitating a hand swap from another Dragon figure. The original boots from the figure were kept, but all other clothing was handmade. Cricthon's leather pants, black T-shirt and Peacekeeper vest were all handmade and without patterns. The "pulse pistol" he holds was also sculpted from scratch with Sculpey oven-cured clay. Crichton holds the original, which was cast in rubber to make more pistols for Aeryn Sun and Bialar Crais.

Current Status: residing at Stately Browder Manor!

"I want my own John Crichton!"
A 12" Crichton as appears above would cost $150.

Farscape and all related properties and characters owned by The Henson Company

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