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Jay and Silent Bob

Jay wears a multicolored, striped jacket, and his black T-shirt has a white logo for "Death Tongue," a fictional metal band, complete with a demonic mascot.  I handpainted the logo and demon by carefully piecing together the drawings of it in J & SB's comic adventures, Chasing Dogma.  His knit cap has "SNOOGANS" embroidered on it, which was replicated here with red thread.
Silent Bob's coat changed from all-black to this olive-green and black ensemble seen here.  Like all of the clothing I make for the plush dolls, it was sewn without a pattern; I just used the dolls to determine the proper sizes of the pieces.

Cuddly, handsewn, plush versions of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob.  My generic pattern for humanoids was modified slightly for each, to make Jay taller and thinner and Bob shorter and fatter.  Since the real guys (Jason Mewes, Smith himself) aren't that much different in height, the result was a little more exaggerated than expected.  Smith himself even wondered about the difference.
The boys are seen here in their Dogma outfits, which of course were the most complicated of their film clothes (I sure can pick 'em).

In Chasing Dogma, Bob also procured a small white button with a non-smiley face, and a backwards "Mooby" hat.  The hat was handmade and the Mooby logo and cow handpainted.  Remembering that Bob is almost never without a cigarette in hand, I modified the humanoid pattern to include one separated index finger.  A painted dowel was then glued in as his "cigarette."
Their "hair" was made by cutting cross-stitch threads into 4-5" long pieces, tying a knot in the exact middle, and then rooting them from the inside out.  The knot keeps the thread in place.  Very tedious, but effective.  The faces were handpainted.
Like most film/TV characters I do, I intended to give them to their creator, in this case, Kevin Smith, as a gift. Er, somehow.  Most likely at his next Vulgarthon (a film festival), whenever that might be.  Unfortunately, a good friend misinterpreted my comment that she could keep The Boys for a while at her work cubicle for "I am giving these to you forever and ever and no one, not even me, can ever take them from you."  Yes, one wonders how she could make that determination from, essentially, "Wanna hold 'em?", but it seems that severe relationship damage would result if I forced a return.  So Mr. Smith will have to get his plush dolls some other way.

Jay and Silent Bob owned by Kevin Smith and View Askew Productions

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