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Raven Yeomen Guard

If some of the ravens look a little different, you're astute.  Another person commissioned a raven yeoman guard after seeing this one online.  They have to be sculpted and painted from scratch, so discrepancies are inevitable.

After a trip to England, my traveling companion asked for a sculpture of a raven dressed in a traditional Yeomen Guard, aka Beefeater, uniform. These are the blokes who used to guard the Tower of London, but now serve as tour guides and historians.

The raven is 100% scratch-built from Sculpey and wires for the legs. The staff is a brass rod topped with gold and red thread.

I recreated the daily uniform and its markings as accurately as possible, with the exception of the epaulets, since... well, ravens don't really have shoulders.

The reason he asked for a raven is that the history of the Tower and its ravens are entwined. At one time the birds were being killed and/or driven away, until an advisor to the king stated that, should all of the ravens living on the grounds go away, the crown will fall. I think the advisor just made that up because he was fond of the birds. Regardless, there's now an official Birdmaster employed amongst the Yeomen Guards whose job is to make certain that the birds are happy, healthy, and inclined to stay on the grounds.

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