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Frankie in the Shower

Does Frankenstein's Monster live in a creepy, damp, drafty stone castle? Not in my world! From my "Monsters Are People, Too" series (pieces: 1, so far), The Monster is just finishing his morning shower.

He began as a Randy Bowen-sculpted upper torso (head, chest, part of the arms) only. I took that piece, sculpted the rest and added a little pink towel to cover his naughties.

The base is also scratch-built of plywood, foamcore, dollhouse bathroom tile facade, plastic for the shower, and various dollhouse accessories.

Closeup of his tootsies. Remember that the bust = Randy Bowen. Everything else = Me. I wasn't sure how to sculpt each individual "stitch" for The Monster's wounds, so I ended up dipping thread into Krazy Glue to stiffen it, then cut and glued each individual piece in place.

If interested, I'd be willing to part with The Monster for $200.

A little blurry here, but you can see that even The Monster struggles with tiny towels!

Closeup of the bathroom fixtures. All are dollhouse miniatures. Yes, that's a set of dentures on top of the toilet! The Monster's reading materials are Golf and Better Homes and Gardens magazines, and a Superman comic book!

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