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Knuckle-Dragging Batman

The Doll Doctor's first official commission, nicknamed "Knuckle-Dragging Batman" thanks to his... well, top-heavy build. The real story is that fans of the Batman: The Animated Series show might recall an amusing episode where an injured Batman recuperated in a basement, and the three kids who'd brought him there told each other Batman stories that were "really really true!" Each story was animated in a style other than Bruce Timm's as an homage to the creators who'd inspired the segments.

Long story short, there was a sequence inspired by Frank Miller's "Return of the Dark Knight" graphic novel, set about 10 years after Batman had supposedly retired, but of course he was dragged out of retirement thanks to the Joker's return. The result was a hybrid of Timm's and Miller's Batman, which you see here.

K-D Batman was sculpted entirely from Super Sculpey, starting with a frame of aluminum foil and rods. The base is wood painted with high-gloss black. If interested, below are some in-progress shots of the sculpting process.

Knuckle-Dra.... I mean, Batman is owned by Time/Warner, Inc. DC Comics? Well, not me.

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