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More sculpting was done on the face to give her a "determined" look, plus apparently her ears are pointed, so I spocked those up, too.
To the right and below are some side views and more closeup view of the face.  Further below are some in-progress pics, in case folks wonder about how I do these things.

In Progress Shots
Rough sculpt of the face

Then she was painted orange.  Note the realistic proportions of her Tamaranian gazongas.

Getting a Tamaranian princess drunk and shaving off her hair and taking a picture of her passed out in a bowl:  Priceless

Presenting Starfire, aka Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, of the Teen Titans.  Now that's the comic book Titans, not the straight-haired, ueber innocent/naive cartoon version.  Not that the cartoon isn't cool.
After some pondering on how to create her purple "armor," I decided to sculpt it directly onto the (Cy Girl) body rather than try to find metallic purple fabric and make something removable.  At 1/6 scale fabric doesn't contour very well.  On the other hand, Magic Sculp isn't flexible, but a compromise had to be made somewhere.  Magic Sculp is/was my preferred material for sculpting onto vinyl figures, since using a clay that requires baking isn't an option.  Heat + vinyl = mess.
The hair in this case was made of an already tightly-curled thread (not the "Mini Curls" you get in bags at Michael's, but another type of "hair" from a doll catalog).  Mounds and mounds were glued onto Kory, but regrettably, her signature trail of fiery hair when she flies couldn't be replicated here.

Sure, it's easy to draw hair like hers, but to recreate it without making a full sculpture of it?  Not as much.  :-O

Ah, yes.  I'd also added a little more to her arms and legs to bulk up her "muscles."

The "armor" sculpted directly on but not yet painted metallic purple.  Note the gaps left at the ankles and elsewhere to keep as much flexibility as I could.

Below is a new head sculpt, at customer's request, so he could swap them out to suit his needs.  I kept the hair wrapped in celophane to keep it manageable, not to mention clean.

Starfire, Koriand'r and Teen Titans are owned by DC Comics.  Or more likely, Time/Warner.

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