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Straight up, I didn't sculpt this.  Brian Jekel (which I hope is pronounced "Jekyll," 'cuz that'd be cool) did as part of his "Life of Christ" series.  No, my house isn't filled with Christian tchotchkes, but I did like Jekel's rendition of Jesus' prayer at Gethsemane.  I painted the figure with acrylics and pastels, taping off the base entirely to avoid smudges.
The most fun, oddly enough, was in painting the rocks.  It's common for folks to use washes when painting rough textures like stone, but I dry-brushed all the way.  I used 4 different color schemes for the rocks, starting with the base colors.  ie, one base had dark grey, another had brown, another medium grey, and the fourth light gray.  Then I dry-brushed 4-5 different earth and grey colors and occasionally spackled them with brighter colors like moss green.

Originally I was going to keep it and display it somewhere (collecting holy dust), but then on a whim decided to wrap it up as a late Christmas gift for my minister.  She approved of the gift.

From the "Life of Christ" series by Brian Jekel

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