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In an effort to make the ultimate 3D "cast photo," I started making these Super Sculpey and Fimo caricatures of the characters of the best TV show ever made, Farscape.  When finished, which should include a base resembling Pilot's chamber in Moya, the whole cast will consist of the characters you see here (Zhaan, Chiana, D'argo, John and Aeryn), as well as Rygel XVI, Scorpius, Crais, Sikozu, Jool, Noranti, Stark, Pilot, and possibly non-crew members such as Grayza, Braca.
I've had the opportunity to quickly show some of these figures to the actors themselves at conventions (Lani Tupu and Virginia Hey, to be specific), at which time Virginia grabbed Sculpey Zhaan and signed the back with a gold pen.  A freebie signing!  This is uncommon, so treasure the ones you get.  I also learned during the trip never to take Sculpey Chiana anywhere, since it had broken in multiple places.

Farscape and characters are owned by the Henson Company

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