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I got lucky for the glasses and found somebody (ebay) selling different sets of acetate glasses.  They have to be cut out very, very carefully, but the end result is better than twisting wires around, which is what I usually need to do for glasses.  Other 1/6 scale glasses that I have are way too big.  The acetate ones required some reinforcement on the sides and a drop or two of cyanoacrylate glue to stay in place, but were/are a good fit.

Johnny's hair is made from, believe it or not, alpaca fiber.  I have quite a supply now of different shades because of trying to learn to spin yarn.  Alpaca fiber is extremely fine and soft, unlike sheep wool.  Still, the hair does stick out a bit much without the hat, as you can see.
The clothes were made by Saturday Toys, which makes these amazingly cool casual gear like Johnny's outfit, and even stuff like a tan business suit and prison outfits.  Anything's better than yet more military gear.  My only gripe about the clothes are the shoes, which were too small to fit onto his feet.  I used a spare pair of boots from my collection.

Yes, even his two skull rings.  Those were sculpted directly on with Aves, then painted silver after they'd cured.
Where is Johnny now?
My guess is that ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever meeting him and otherwise having the opportunity to hand over the doll, which would no doubt creep him the hell out, is a hopeless cause.  So in lieu of Johnny, a coworker/friend got him to add to her McDreamy collection.  This is a woman who was willing to see "Sweeney Todd" twice because it meant staring at closeups of his face.  So on a lark, I asked her, if I just happen to make a Real Johnny Doll someday, would she be interested in something like that?  Long story short, I'd tricked myself into making it and giving it away.  Fortunately since Johnny Dollp is on her desk at work, I can sneak him into silly poses before she gets in.

All right, so...
It's a Johnny Depp action figure, depicted in his typical shaggy mode and wearing one of his ubiquitous hats.  Also, the various bracelets and beads and leather armbands and other bling that he seems to like.  And tattoos, as well as I was able to ascertain them from photos and draw with fine pens.
First, I make no claims to sculpting his likeness.  That was the work of the fine artists at NECA.  One of their inaction figures was a 12" Jack Sparrow with an uncannily accurate head sculpt of Johnny.  I've tried numerous times to get his face right, and keep blowing it, so I cheated and tore off NECA Jack's head, removed the giant vinyl "hair" and ground off the beard and mustache.  Removing the hair left big gouges in the head, so I filled those in with Aves Apoxie (an improvement over Magic Sculp) and got his head shape back to normal.  Bald, but normal.  No ears were sculpted, so I had to do that myself.
My goal was to create a generic Johnny head that I could then cast as needed for different characters.  Ironically, since Johnny is often sporting a Sparrow-like beard and mustache (minus those little chin braids), I had to sculpt those back on with Apoxie.

His poses are deliberately like something you'd see in a magazine spread somewhere, like Vanity Fair or one of those one-shot "Life of {{Celebrity Name}}" mags.  For example, I copied his look (more of less) from the cover of the "Life Story" magazine that featured him.
The hat was sculpted all from Apoxie.  I couldn't figure out how to cast it, and 1/6 scale hats aren't easy to find.  Mostly there are just army helmets and other military gear.  He's more the fedora type.

I figured that the pose above would work as some kind of "come hither" thing that would drive chicks wild.  As for the left, it's Johnny as Jack, minus Jack's personal effects, save the tricorner hat.  Mostly i was seeing if the figure could be posed in a Sparrow-like stance.  It can be, but needs all the pirate trappings to work.  Still, I think it'd be fun to watch Johnny out of costume doing Jack mannerisms.  He'd probably just look drunk??
Following are various closeups of his "tattoos," which were really just drawn on with fine-point pens.  I tried to get all the ones that have been photographed, such as the by now famous "Jack" one on his right forearm, and others.  Also, notice the beaded braceletes and other bling.

In theory Mr. Depp owns himself.  But is he copyrighted?

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