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My mother is increasingly difficult to shop for.  Even to make things for!  She tried to dissuade me from painting this kitchen organizer for her.  She loves the sea and especially dolphins, so I painted dolphins and a few other sea creatures all the way around.  A blue whale, the largest animal known, encircles the whole thing.

Dinner plates for my niece and nephew.  They don't use them as dinner plates, but only display them, which in retrospect is a much wiser decision than mine was.  (Using them as dishware, that is)
Courtney's plate shows a gorilla (center face), giraffe, tamarin monkey (behind giraffe), proboscis monkey (big nose, next to giraffe), penguin, parrot, giant tortoise, tiger, vampire bat, orca, meerkats, and orangutan.
Jay's plate represents all the sports (that I know of!) that he's played at any time. They are lacrosse, wrestling, basketball and football.  You can't tell in the photo, but the football is "autographed" by his immediate family members.  

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