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For a long time I was buying any glow-in-the-dark block of Fimo clay that I could find... and then not making anything with it.  Fimo is a slightly higher-quality clay than Super Sculpey.  For me, it's that there's usually more glow-in-the-dark blocks available than for Super Sculpey.  Finally I know what to sculpt with it:  Gh-gh-gh-GHOOOOOOSTS!  And yes, they do glow - right next to my bed!

I was drawing comical faces one day and decided to draw one shaped like a triangle.  The result was a sadsack look that ultimately became this morose, ghostly butler, who apparently died in the middle of serving hors d'oeuvres at a party.  I thought the face demanded a gangly body to go with it.  Also, he's pretty much a caricature of my mother's husband.
The Ghost Butler was sculpted entirely of glow-in-the-dark Fimo - even the plate - with only the eyes a non-phosphorescent material (glass beads).  I first made a body from copper wire, then slapped on the glowy clay until it looked like the butler I had in my head.
Contrary to appearance, this fellow will NOT be found in any Disney Haunted Mansion that I'm aware of, but you're forgiven for the confusion.  I suppose the style could be considered reminiscent of HM characters, but is unintentional.  Of course, people who know my mother's husband say, "Hey, that's **** !"

This affectionate fellow was almost a drunken reveler, in which case he WOULD pretty much have been a Haunted Mansion character.  The ballroom scene includes a few enthusiastic partygoers, and while that's fine, I wasn't satisfied with that scenario.  Then I realized that he should be agressively friendly, like that crazy, unkempt uncle who thinks that all that the world needs is one, big hug.
Like the morose butler, the Hugger is made of solid glow-in-the-dark Fimo, with the exception of glass bead eyes and a wire armature.  So open your arms wide and greet your ol' Uncle the way he likes.  Unlike the morose butler, he's not based on anyone I know, but the face is based on a weird sculpture that I saw in the background of a sculpting DVD.  The camera was on the instructor, but there were glimpses of his work in the background.  I freeze-framed on a creepily jolly-looking face, sketched it, and then went in my own direction with it.

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