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Reverend Laura

One of my few pieces based on a real person - aside from actors as characters, that is - this was commissioned by a fellow congregation member for the Rev. Laura, a UCC minister currently... um... ministering in Salem, Massachusetts.  Yes, THAT Salem.  Anyway, I must apologize in advance for the very blurry photos.  This piece had a deadline, you see, which I made somewhere around 1am the morning the piece was to be delivered to her.  At the time I did not have my digital camera and could not check the clarity of the pictures right away.  I groggily snapped the pictures of Reverend Laura's doll against my microwave, wrapped it up, and went to bed, only to get up at 8 that same morning to attend church.

You may be wondering about the monkey puppet.  Rev. Laura is also a puppeteer who sometimes uses them as part of Children's Time, and believe it or not, incorporates them into sermons, albeit more rarely.  Her apparent favorite is Pedro, a monkey always adorned with a scarf, bandana (not banana) and shades.  Due to the clandestine nature of this commission, the only photos I had of Rev. Laura were long-distance shots taken by my client, and being candids, showed different expressions and not all the angles I needed.  As for Pedro, he was recreated from memory.  So details I got wrong are that Pedro is actually operated with his legs wrapped all the way around her waist, and Rev. Laura's vestments are too short.  The facial likeness isn't perfect, either, but I only had long-distance shots to work from.

This sculpted version of Reverend Laura was not commissioned, but was made a get well gift for foot surgery that she was recovering from at the time.  Her favorite puppet, Pedro, is wearing a cast as a sign of solidarity.  Yes, like the doll version, the vestments are too short, but that's what I get for trying to create things from memory rather than photos.

Rev. Laura and Pedro were made entirely of colored Super Sculpey.  Nothing was painted except the pupils of her eyes, and the cast signings of both were courtesy of Sharpie pens.

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