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Vince McMahon

A commissioned doll of none other than Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Federation.  Before you say, "Hey!  Vince has a full head of hair, you twit!" both I and my client know this.  But for some reason it was very important that Vince's look be captured right after he'd lost his bet with Donald Trump.  For those unfamiliar with the works of WWF, the two kajillionnaires made a public bet to shave off his hair if his selected wrestling champion lost whatever match they'd organize.  I'm no fan of WWF, so did not watch the match, but my client told me that Vince's champion lost, so Vince had to go bald.

Vince wears a bowler, so I made one of a mix of Apoxie, stiffened felt and brown paint.  Ideally it would be easy to simply buy a 1/6 scale bowler hat, but I could only find various 1/6 scale military headgear, none of which could be modified into a bowler.  Hats are very difficult for me to make.

Baldy Vince is what my client wanted, so he got it.  In fact I was asked to add more of a peak to the head than it has in real life.
Vince, the body-building mogul, began as a DC Direct 12" Lex Luthor action figure.  For those unfamiliar with the 12" DC Direct line of figures, each figure was ridiculously muscled, which impacted poseability.  This didn't bother my client, so onward and upward.
So Vince started as a bald guy already, but Lex's face needed work before it would resemble Vince's.  Also, the Lex figure was in an old "Superfriends"-style purple and green costume, with "gloves" that had molded gadgets on top.  This required some grinding down, and then touches here and there of Aves Apoxie sculpting compound to fill in gouged-out spots.  Aves Apoxie was also used for the facial modifications.
Vince's suit was donated by the Clark Kent side of DC Direct's Clark Kent/Superman figure (Yes, I KNOW how much I could've gotten on Ebay for that doll).

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