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The source of these fellows is obvious:  the Disney parks.  As time permits I've been sculpting a series of figures based on the costumes worn by Disney park "castmembers."  Some call them ride operators.  So far I've sculpted a Haunted Mansion butler and a Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka the Tower of Terror) bellhop.  In the planning stages are a Haunted Mansion maid, Jungle Cruise skipper, and probably an "MTA" employee from "Mike and Sully to the Rescue."  I like the MTA costumes.  That would be "Monstropolis Transit Authority."

Aside from castmembers I plan to make a full-sized reproduction of Shiriki Utundu, the cursed African idol who's been causing all that trouble at the Tower of Terror in Japan's version of the park.  Also, my own full-sized version of the Haunted Mansion plaque that hangs outside of the gates.

All figures are and will be made from Sculpey III, the colored version of Super Sculpey.  Well, except for Shiriki Utundu and the HM plaque.  They'll be made of stronger stuff.

Yes, behind the butler is a partial image (not my own) of the Haunted Mansion

The bellhop stands in front an enlarged photo of the Hollywood Tower Hotel that I did take.  You can tell, because there are other people in front.  Alas, I'm not one of those privileged visitors who can take pictures after hours and so on.

Or maybe it looks better that way?  Anyway, I named the bellhop "Lloyd" in honor of an employee at another famous haunted hotel:  Lloyd the bartender, who "worked" at the Overlook Hotel in that famous children's story, "The Shining."  Lloyd is also from Texas, in honor of Tower castmember Irma of Texas, who was given Lloyd as a token of my esteem.  I'm told that the bellhops are keeping Lloyd safe in their Tower office/breakroom.

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